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1. 8 Roses

Night's falling on the off ramp; Trucks roll by above me on the road; And the sun is melting into the buildings; Everybody's rushing to get on home; Seems like I've been standing here for hours; Hours...

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2. Baby Baby

Hey baby baby let's drive all night. We'll get a cooler of beer make us feel alright. Top down and you're holding me tight. Let's drive like hell on a saturday; night. The radio station is playing our...

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3. Deeper Shade Of Blue

It was one last kiss stopped short of a long goodbye; It was an unheard of surprise; Hopped in my truck; Said goodbye and wished you luck; And remembered all the good ol times; I was headed right down...

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4. I'm Here

I see you running, running all over this town; I see your smile melt into a frown; I see you wearing your party crown; But you're thinking today; You might want to come down; But you're scared it will...

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5. March Of Life

The sun goes up and the sun goes down; Everywhere you look around; This is your life now; It's your life now; Plant the seed, watch it grow; What you need you already know; Look at the field you've gr...

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6. My Turn To Hear You Cry

You've got my heart; Tied to my sleeve; It's all blue and black; Don't think it's ever gonna bleed; Again since you ran; Off with my friend; Shot in the back; Don't think I'm good with that; But you'v...

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7. Never Forget

Why did summer have to go so fast; When we knew it would be the last; Summer spent together in this town; You're moving with your family; How was it that we didn't see; That forever wouldn't stay arou...

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8. New Friends

You can pretend like you don't feel a thing; But I know better than to believe; Everybody knows; Seen you with a new crowd; You're acting so proud; Sorry leaves a bitter taste; That you can't spit out...

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9. One Heart

You called to tell me it's over; But you still haven't hung up the phone; You say let's talk a little longer; Cause you don't wanna be alone; And you don't seem to care if it's painful; Keeping me out...

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10. Something To Believe In

Did you come here for the show; Or to meet someone you might or might not know; It doesn't matter to me; Did you smile your way in through the back door; With a stamp on your hand from the night befor...

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11. Take Me Home Tonight

So what, we're ordinary; What they say about us; I see through them; So come on; It'll be alright now; Cause in a star filled sky; You held my hand tight; Take me home tonight; We both know that this ...

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12. Texas Angel

Well Im sitting here all alone wondering how you are. And the thoughts of you spin round my head, like wheels on a car. And I wish you were beside me dreaming up at the stars. Well the times we had to...

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13. This Time

Seems like this year the winter came early; Sunny on Sunday and Monday the snow starts to fly; The world's on the mend; This time last year you were almost despairing; Trying to make sense of a world ...

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