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1. All We Are

Could it be that we are wrong; The more we answer the less we know; Could it be that all along; We've just believed what we've been told; Don't call me that anymore; That's not my name; Chorus:; Is th...

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2. Always Alone

If it's what you want; Give it up; If it's what you think that you need; Well it's not enough; Pre-Chorus:; You try to be everything to everyone; Why can't you see; What you've become has made you num...

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3. Away From You

So I thought it was a good idea; But now I've changed my mind; And I am walking backwards again; It happens every time; And I know I may have disappeared; But I wish I could rewind; To pick up all the...

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4. I Don't Know

You never look my way; You don't even care; Do I freak you out? I can't help it if I stare; I'd give you everything; If you'd show me what to do; But I'd settle for one glance; After all you've put me...

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5. I Go On

The sun comes up; On all these bitter things; To color in the grey; That covers everything; It's been a heavy sky; Pressing down on me; I stumble through the new day; Though I don't know what it bring...

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6. Nine 'til Midnight

I lie awake and wait for sunrise; There'll be no sleep tonight; Surrounded by your sweetness; And dizzy from your smile; Only hours are between us; I guess I'll be here for a while; Pre-Chorus:; 'Caus...

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7. Run

I'm falling to a place of recognition; You retreat to avoid the pain; I'm breaking free from my condition; You just sit and wait for change; I won't react if you say there's nothing left to save; You'...

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8. Strange Way

In a strange way; Who will I be today; When all is said and done; If I ask will you stay; Forever is never long enough; Pre-Chorus:; Your eyes they see right through me; All that surrounds me; All I'v...

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9. This Is Goodbye

There's nothing you can say; Some things just can't be fixed; Every word sounds the same; It's such a shame; Such a bittersweet kiss; I can't sleep; I wish it was your fault; But I can't say that you ...

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10. This Perfect Things

She awakens with a chill by the open window; As the wind breathes it's cold; It hurts to know that what he needs; Is someone she can never be; And it runs from her eyes uncontrolled; "Give it time," s...

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