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1. Another Daybreak Gone

Another daybreak we lost; Another sunrise gone; In the violent ring of a clock; A day we hated from scratch; Labour speed with no pay; No "thank you" in the years of slavery; Days lost, crashlandings;...

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2. Binary Clone Epoch

Subjected to digital restrains; Subjected to silence; The new order dictates; Masking confinement with joy; Flee or meet mental defeat; They make you feel alive; Or make you think you are; "Possessed"...

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3. Constructing Stature

Thousands of slaves; Steadily build the pyramid; Get born inside die inside; Fight for the pyramid; Servants dominated; Dominators served; With a limit of expendability; Level of responsibility; Look ...

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4. Disintegrating Rotor's Authority

Upon pillars of salt; Built to withstand the wrecks of passing time; Not ready to bear the weight; Of human indifference; "The poison that keeps the rotors of the world in motion"; Now as tongues lick...

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5. E-land Phobia

Phobia; E-gnominious; E-ncompetent; E-mpeled; To e-living; E-fucked; E-gnorant; E-ngulfed; By an e-world; E-pileptic; E-ra; Of e-values; And e-commerce; Break free; From the e-cell; Get out of this fu...

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6. Equipollence

Enjoying silence while born deaf; Serene being blessed with infliction; Born sick in an already sickening world; Which poisons back the ones that shed the poison upon it; Nature does not avenge it goe...

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7. On Fertile Ground

The seeds were set into; Watered with chemicals; Nothing grows; Something was buried; To be buried once more; The purity of what was ment to flourish; Becomes a morbid harvest of the dead; A lesson in...

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8. One Last Breath

Gods of labs; Noble vows sworn; Tampered genomes; Picked and torn; Pest and virus sculpted vile; Inside the tubes of hybris; Zeroing down on us; To zero down us all; To zero down our soul; No chance t...

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9. Sci-vi

Scientific violence; Hi tech mass murder; Profit 100%; Human loss absolute; Punishment none; No chance to recuperate; Chances of repeating; The same mistakes 100%; Estimated time; Of healing the wound...

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10. So Many Nulls

You will find me everywhere; In miserable shows of a cheap broadcast; In the hatred, born from ignorance; I am there...lurking; On your walks across streets; In words full of promises; Over microphone...

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11. Soulconscienceworkshop

No regrets no remorse no denials; Dilluted to extinction by the... Soul and conscience workshop; Shapes the shepherds; Guiding to compliance; Those that never tasted life; And never will too; Cause th...

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12. The Age Of Numbers

Before "me" innocence; Protected me, shielded me; Words of the wise support the pillars of the world; A false legacy of miasmatic ideas; Of a fanatic father and a subjected mother; The world ...what i...

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