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1. Cry For Help

I know you try, try, try; Though you hide, hide, hide; And you leave yourself in the cold; So if i dry your eyes; Would you compromise; And give up everything that you known; If we get a little lost, ...

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2. For Your Love

Night moves in the sky; Turns black and leaves the light behind; But the stars carry on the day thats gone; and in my mind; I'm thinking what if the lights stayed on; And the dark never came along; An...

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3. I Wrote This For You

I got a music box of memories still, full of you melodies; And I just can't get them out of my head; I just can't get them out of my head; And I don't know if it's wrong listening to your songs over a...

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4. Jigsaw Dreams

I see you knocking on my door; Looking better than the night before I'm; Just hoping I can talk to her; Hoping I can say these words; Come Inside I can show you around; Tryna act like I'm some renowne...

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5. Love Goes On

When you feel the world's drowning out; When you want to speak but there's no sound; I want you to know; That everything's okay; And you'll be alright; When you feel the flame's died out; And you feel...

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6. Note To Self

Dear me; I know it's early, I got to write it down; Gonna learn the words and say them out loud; Dear me; Listen careful, so I don't get it wrong; Tell her that she's the one; And even in the evening;...

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7. Roses

My heart is under attack; I'm falling trough the cracks; I am frozen; I'm frozen; it's been so long; Since I felt strong; I've cried an ocean; An ocean; I don't want to be alone tonight; I just want t...

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8. Standing In The Rain

While you're talking to me; With blood on your hands; You're tired of being a stranger; Tied up in his plans; You cry forever; And all you wanna know; Is how you ever got here; Why he ain't loving you...

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9. The Night We Met

Go on, tell me things that I've done; And all the trouble that I've run from; Cause you're the only one that I want; So let me make this clear; When I woke up with you next to me; The light that dance...

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10. Wanted

You know I'd fall apart without you; I don't know how you do what you do; 'Cause everything that don't make sense about me; Makes sense when I'm with you; Like everything that's green, girl, I need yo...

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11. Where I Belong

Where do we start; And where do I begin; You're pushing me out; I'm trying to get back in; With all of the things we overcome before; What is it now that you are looking for; Love is a deep and myster...

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