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1. A Miracle In The Making

Here is something to get off my chest; I know I said, "I'm never coming; Back"; But god, I hope you're okay after; what you had to go through with me; There is something that I must confess:; I tried ...

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2. Like no Other

Once again, I am slowly paralyzed by your brown eyes; opening wide; I've got a plan; If you leave when I leave we can make our escape; from this city tonight; This time; We have so much left to live f...

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3. My Miraculous Reason

I'll walk to your house through the snow; I'm coming to let you know; I want to kiss you so hard it hurts our lips to let go; I spent the last year pretending that I was something; It's true; I'm noth...

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4. Picture Perfect Pieces

You say it's hard to differenciate; What is real and what is fake in this life; I say you're probably better off that way; Cause if we're living in a dream then we can't feel a thing; How does it feel...

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