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1. A Confession

You cause nothing but trouble wherever you burn; You're the sunlight in my open eyes; but I wont go blind today; Cause when liars lead minds with their wiles; And clever distractions, I see through th...

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2. An Apology

Once upon a time a stutter disgusted me; Muttered distrust at me, pity you couldn't fly; I've only ever taken what's mine; So what if I help you, I'm helping myself too? Twice I got the wind knocked o...

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3. Double Time

One of me is my enemy; The other me is a pretty cool guy; But I haven't seen him around lately; We don't see eye to eye; There's too much noise and too much spit; But I think I've gotten the hang of i...

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4. Fool

Boy, you get my guts tied up in such a twisted noisy ruckus; Heaven sent that you are, wouldn't lift a claw; or cut me off 'cause; Rambling as I ever am I shamble to your chair and stables; Watch you ...

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5. Home

You call me down for christmas cake; Although that's not a thing, I sigh; But I take a plate, I take a bite; And the look that you give me is heavy with pride; You bring me sticks that you find in the...

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6. I Am An Island

I am an island, no man is an island but me; I reach out my leaves, and skillfully touch them to sea; I ship out a boat made of hope on the waves; and watch as it slips below; I am an island, a island ...

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7. Iron Infidel

Ele carrega toda a sua dor; E um dia sua luta é esquecida; No entanto, seremos perdoados; Nossos parentes estão separados por cor de sangue; Estamos sem amor ou virtude; No entanto, seremos perdoados

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8. Leviathan, The Girl

What a vision of darkness, creeps in with; Desperate sharpness, lecherous grafting; Of knowledge to my young mortal subconscious; Words writ by breath of the ancients; Wiser than even the pagans, or t...

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9. My Nightmare

I'm gonna have a nightmare tonight; I'm gonna be my nightmare tonight; You're pretty picky, you're a clique of one; I'm right though; surely I'm not the only gun you've got loaded? How do you keep fro...

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10. Nobodies

Do you remember being nobodies; Discovering nothing was not that bad; When shared as a pair, both lost and; Long suffering, hiding in a frightening land; And do you remember feeling that anger; Yet so...

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11. Stuck This Way

It doesn't matter if you're a fan; Or a capital F. A. N; Just put your hands up; 'Cause you're a Homestuck, asshole; Remember when you started out; When you first went to Mspa; Some kid named Zoosmell...

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