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1. Close To Perfect

You look so pretty, with these wires hanging out; Billboard whore, advertisement carnivore; Uniform expressions are selling me; And we turn to stone, These days come and go so close, And we turn to st...

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2. Conviction/ Contradiction

No one can deny this straight line; Convictions/contradict so easy to predict; There's no need to speak i can see; It in your eyes taste of novacaine; Just to slow the frame no one can deny; This stra...

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3. Days Like Shadows

Trying to hold on, To everything i touch; You slip right through my hands; And i watch you fade away; Up above the trees and down below the clouds; I'm just wandering around this town; Dying piece by ...

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4. Drop Your Mask

Tonight your mine, So let the moon pirouette around us. Drop your mask, and let me wrap my hands around your neck. starless sky, starless sky, theres nothing left, but the flesh, theres nothing left b...

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5. In Rapture

Lingering around like the clouds; I'm caught in your rapture blanketed by your scent the longing makes me stay lingering around; Like a mouse caught in your rapture and i know just what your thinking ...

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6. Skeletons On The Sill

In this house, no one gets out in this house, All the doors are locked skeletons on the window sill in this house, no one gets out. So bite your lip and grind your teeth pull the covers up to sleep.

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7. Smoke And Steam

Mirrors show just what we are, We'll cloud the rest with steam. Mirrors show just what we want, we'll cloud the rest with our smoke. this is were it grows, this is where it goes.

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8. Suburban Doldrums

It's been so long since i've seen your lonely eyes; There were so many things i thought i had to say; I will not forget you my friend, again; You always knew that some scars will never heal; The older...

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9. The Echo Of Your Eyes

The echo of your eyes, In my searching heart through haunting lliac skies. It's hear that you will find me lurking in the shadows of haunting lliac skies. for you i play the fool. For you i play the f...

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10. Tonight I Awake

We'll travel endless roads of dust, To find these lives are made to rust, Drive by cemeteries hold your breath, Counting back from ten i breathe again. Tell me beautiful lies, tell me beautiful lies. ...

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11. Unison

From the silence comes hope when you said "everything in time", so lay your head upon my chest and dont worry it will be alright. from the silence comes a dream, You are there standing in a crowd. whe...

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12. Watch For Spiders

Under the carpet, between the cracks; Try to wash the spiders back; There's so much time to waste; You'll never have to face these lines you trace; Somethings are best left unsaid; Somethings are best...

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