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1. Adonai (sacred Melodies)

I know every question has an answer; I know every creature has a creator; I know every child born has a father; Maybe it's time to see what you have never seen; You're alive, but ask yourself – What d...

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2. Holy Fire

Angels and demons begin to fight; There's a war in the sky; Start to pray for your soul; The prophet's delight and the sinners' disgrace; Prepare for the judgement of the human race; Because the time ...

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3. Spell Of Time

Maybe a life time; Could be shorter than a rhyme; Longer than a moment; Longer than a sigh; The measure of a dream; Beyond infinity; Against the spell of time; You know you cannot fight; It doesn't ma...

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4. Spirits Looking For

Years of evolution; Guided by the wisdom of time; In seconds they want perfection; Defying what's divine; Freaks in the night; Monsters born to die; Labelled family tree; Laboratory secrecy; All in th...

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