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1. Barbie Nation

Maybe when my womb is broken open and I can; Hold you with the joy of knowing there is no other; Fear will slip away and I can know that finally; Love is something I'll know; Always had the tendency t...

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2. Carmelo

Don't keep me any longer I can't hold my breath; It's cold beneath the water but I understand; At least we had a story, wasn't that the plan? I always wear your sweater, please don't hold my hand; So ...

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3. Every Time I Fall

I'll never give it all to you; The damsel is not my story too; I came to like those kitchens, too; And my mind's made up on you; Without the kitchen and the coupe; If I can trust you'll have me too; E...

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4. Hundred Thousand Hearts

Wake me in the morning I'm afraid; I don't want to go to sleep and see your face; I need you more than I should ever say; What about you? What about you? The stars are always taunting me at night; Rem...

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5. Money All Around

Make me talk and set me free; Tell me who I'm meant to be; Fake originality; Everyone is nothing; Without assessing all the weak; Will we ever know we're able? Give me something I can eat; I need your...

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6. Monumental Glow

I know it's mine until; The day your head will fill; The little things they get me crazy; The only way you know me, baby; I'll shut my mouth as told; Leave judgment for the bold; We're only running ju...

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7. Plastered Smile

I'm always far below; The underdog that shows; Hold me together this time; And when I'm broken through; Retreating far from you; Try to remember it's fine; On all the lightest days; I slip beneath the...

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8. Playboy Girl

I snap my head back; Somehow you like it when it's dirty then; I can't produce that; The perfect hair and skin and what's within; And well do you only like it 'cause it's all that you've been told? If...

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9. Rotten Teeth (Feat. Kate Nash)

I want to hurt the skin on my lips; I want to know the feeling of bliss; I want to fall and never be found; Don't you know that nothing lasts forever? I want to be as bright as the sun; And burn your ...

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10. Running Behind

How can I go? When I just leave you waiting; Drop on the floor, break it to go creative; Where can I leave my father's ride? Wake me up when the voices die; Do me like you might know my mind; Carry me...

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11. U Make Me Sick

[Verse 1]; I know I'm a weirdo, but you like the way I think; Faking it forever, but we're honest as we sink; Won't you take me out for lunch? Won't you spoil me undone? Self-conscious and guilty, wal...

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