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She didn't want to know my inner bowels
Didn't want to hear those late night growls
I could have been one of a million monks
Straying from the discipline, drawn to the junk
It's hard for a girl who's so well bred
To go without heat that underfed
Dreaming of the fields beyond these walls
But loving nothing in this world but these walls
I was mistakenly left unleashed
Wandering aimless, no I could not keep
Lonely for the sound of my one true soul
And eager to escape my only warm coals
Excitement is and 'tis of thee
Now I salute the power me
Because I'm only strong and strong is wrong to you
Threatened by the things that you never.. (radio static interrupts)
Biting so quick from the mother's beak
Never seemed to know it was my turn to speak
Lifetime suppressed but I'll wait my turn
Hear the word 'revenge' and I start to burn
Never knew a joke as funny as this
Know it was my fault that I did not grow
I think I should be blamed that I did not know to grow

sample -
(You think it's a blessing to know what God wants?
I'll tell you what he wants
He wants to push me over)

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Número de Palavras 187
Número de Letras 1034
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