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1. Breaking Frontiers

[Queiroz/Carlo]; When I look at the fire; And see the flame; It's burning all souls of mankind; No thrills, no desires (but); My feelings today; I know it's getting stronger than before; [Brigde:]; Lo...

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2. Dagger Of Words

[Queiroz/Carlo]; Dusky visions posses my body; A craving for blood seduces my soul; My tongue is like a dagger; Claiming for justice, I must hold it. This is part of the night; When graveyard gates ar...

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3. Fight For Survival

[Queiroz/Carlo]; I never will betray; I never will be lost or down; I ever will be fighting for our cause; I won't be the last unfair; I don't want you close your eyes for all around you; [Bridge:]; S...

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4. Fly Away

[Queiroz/Carlo/Duarte]; A changing horizon; The future starts another day; That's falling in the silence; I am awaiting the moment, the time to be free again; And my vengeance is calling; [Bridge:]; D...

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5. N.O.V.A.

[Queiroz/Carlo]; I want to know what is behind your lonely soul; To understand all of the secrets of your life; Forbidden dreams lived only inside my head; But time has come to say 'is now or never'; ...

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6. Rise Again

[Queiroz/Carlo]; Stand! Look around today; By your hands, it's time to make them free; Beyond the sun, crying for the sky; Nothing must keep you alive; The firing sun, a blinding gun; Watches while yo...

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7. Searching For The Sun

[Queiroz/Carlo]; All of the actions; Become reactions; Don't give up, cos' hard aims; Are jewels of hard ways; [Bridge:]; Someday I will; Start up my final run; While the bad guys are crawling; And th...

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8. The Sign

[Queiroz/Carlo]; Walking down the park; Cold wind blows against the faces; Living all alone; Every day a broken heart; Feels the fire and crumbles down; And tomorrow I'll never know... ; You may find ...

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