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1. Guiar Sin Dominar

Estoy aquí y no pienso desistir; Mi amor a todo cree, es con la mejor opcion; Ya ves que estoy aquí, sigo la misma cancion; Antes de forzar a que, observa el rio correr; Y diras; This is my free life,...

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2. Lost I'm

Hey you man, where are you? You seem to lose track of this place; Hey you friend, don’t be blind; Each nation is food for fools; Hey you mr., the days are coming, when this planet will use its emergen...

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3. Old Spring Days

Yes, you can feel; A great pleasure round these days; Yes, i have no doubt, only you; Represent the condition of what you see; Beatiful times, still to arrive; Crossing love and ideas; With this triba...

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4. Paradise (magic Surfer Lion)

This little paradise is growing too fast; And in the middle of the land, live 2 lions; Both cover the sun like palm trees; And the sensations hit you with great pressure; Skiing a great sand sky; Jump...

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5. You Say

Feel it! yes, it’s a normal sign yeah; Only love serves as coach; On dirty moments, yeah; Try it yes, you can’t stay quiet, yeah; What are you taking from this world? If you can’t explore it, hey; Liv...

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