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1. Deep C Odyssey

"Praytell whats this vessel sinking in my eggcreme?" Upon a closer look thy turkey neck gave way to spite the mysterious lump in question. However, roadraging hormones cracked off the crown jewels and...

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2. Drip Drip Drip

Five cent tip toe through two lips, and slip! oops, that bloody countless bathory... I'll be damned how she spits out her murder scene on a string. Oh forsooth! I was once a wee lad who surfed the cri...

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3. Dungeons And Drag Queens

Suddenly a bloody hand seized me. What a grip! From behind a black veil two lips uttered in a lisp:; "Noble night! I shall launch my lance into thine innards.... How 'bout a change? Art thou not a beg...

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4. Flouride The Lightning

No, im the walk on super star for you fish adventure my deer flipper, you fuck. So on your fatefull pelican dive, slurp in the spitoon and mount and don't to the tune of the late Liberace's blastoff. ...

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