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1. Ares Guide My Spear

In the ancient times; Of gods and heroes; In a time of blade and spear; In the ancient hellas; Tides of war men in arms; Thirst of blood, ares hail; Blade and shield of bronze I'm fighting; Inside my ...

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2. Ave Atque Vale

Once upon a time there was europe; There were people full of courage and might; There was the honour, there was the pride; Like a fire in the hearts of the men; Where is my europe? Now disappeared; St...

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3. Ghost Dog

I stand alone, here in my roof; Waiting the orders, liege to my lord; All my life, my whole life; Like a dream... it's time to wake up; And the night is falling down; Another murder done for you; Ghos...

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4. Hellenic Valour

Look at the field where the wheat's growing stronger; Golden like the sun and as tall as our standing; We in the wind not to break nor to bend; We shining on suffering on in a blaze of glory; [Bridge:...

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5. Invincible

I walk my way, I choose my path; Inside my mind only the will to fight; Everyday I stand with pride; Life is hard but I will never fall; I will never fall; So many foes and so much honor; Don't forget...

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6. Kagemusha

I'm alive, still alive; Where is my mighty clan? Now they lie a thousand men; Takeda is no more; Here on the field of nagashino; Behind the lines; Seeing impotently a tragedy; A great defeat; I'm just...

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7. Lakedaimon

Just a child with a blade and a shield; There's no fondness no place for the weak; In our childhood we just learn to fight; Children trained to kill for their Land; Lakedaimon - the man with no fear; ...

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8. Lord of War

I just do my job to nowhere I go; Money is what ii want; Don't care if I'm wrong; Sickness all around; Men on battleground; I came to feed the bloodshed; No bloodstains on my hands; Children suffering...

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9. Sekigahara

Victory so far this day; Pain and agony few are left alive; Sekigahara it's the realm divide; Sekigahara west against the east; Sekigahara remember well this day; Sekigahara a new japan will rise; A t...

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10. Shichinin no Samurai

They came in the valley a light in the dark; Seven is the number of those loyal men; They came not for money without a reward; To protect the helpless, the farmers in tears; Don't run away stand up an...

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11. Spartan Phalanx

We... we are the men with blades of bronze; We... we have the Lambda on our shields; May we...be given to kill; Don't need any war cries, to rush the blood to our heads; Three Hundred men, the Elite G...

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12. Takeda Shingen

Hear his name; It blasts like wind on fire; Takeda's knights; They swing their blades with fury; Fear their bows; They paint the skies with arrows; They stand as one; With strength they plan the siege...

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13. The Soul Of My Katana

The soul of my katana; Is guiding me through victory; And day by day; I'm training to improve my skill; So many foes are dying; My sword has taken their souls; Blade is my life, blade is my faith; Bla...

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14. Zatoichi

This is the story of a blind man; Versed in the art of the sword; He has no fear of the darkness; The night is an ally for him; Deadly and skilled with his cane; Surrounded he fights all alone; His na...

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