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1. Bridge and Tunnel

I'm going back to a sick and lovely place; I'm going, going back, right to the bowery shake; I'm going home, where fashion cuts the lines (cut the line, cut the line); I'm going, going home, right to ...

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2. Crime Cutz

Stop waiting, here's an ultimatum; Lose your phone, lose your tone, lose your patience; (We're fine like that, we're fine like that); Just drop it, pick some other topic; I'm at home, I'm alone with t...

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3. Hold On

It seems like I've been here before tonight; It seems like I've been here before; I'd like to TV, talk, and advertise; We peddle candy door to door; And hold tight; don't make more plans; And don't ta...

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4. I Will Come Back

Can we slow it down? Just for a moment see... Some things newer get old; Let us rearrange, we go perfectly; At least that's what I've been told; And your mother won't leave you alone; And your father ...

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5. Jam For Jerry

You check the mirror, lock the door; You took the stairs downstairs from the third floor; You thought about her as you walked; Well did the sky open up above you in the dark? And what a note to leave ...

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