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1. A Country Good or Bad

Never feeling shame for their greed; They feed upon the weak with no remorse; Taking everything that they can; And giving nothing back, always on the attack; Where's the loyalty, can we find; Not know...

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2. Chasing The Dream

The light no longer shines in my life; The pain it shows in my face; I never lose hope in the future; I hope that it's brighter for me; Try to escape, no more losing; Our way to the future, it's promi...

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3. Emperor

A warrior is born into this world; Fighting all his foes, he knows what lies ahead; Come with me; All of my brothers; We fight together; For life and people; It's in our sights; The chosen will bring ...

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4. Flying

Fly... I'm flying to the sky; Leave behind the earth; Nothing can stop me now; I'm on my way; Love... There's no need to cry; I'll keep fighting on; Love in my heart; Just beyond a smile; If you belie...

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5. Moonlight Fantasy

In the darkest night; Only the moon and you in my eyes; (the only thing I see is you); Now my longing heart; Crying for you; There's no disguise; A shattered home is waiting, no more complicating; Can...

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6. Power Of Life

Can you close your eyes; And see with your mind; Never let it go; Feel the power of life; The powers that will be; It doesn't mean that you lose; Just keep your faith; When you're crossing the line; M...

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7. Seasons

Seasons change; And bring a new day; The circle of life is taking it's toll; The wheels turning, no looking back; Change is coming; No use trying to hide away; There's no denying; You cannot control; ...

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8. See You In The Future

When your life begin to lose the light of life; Don't ever give in; You've got to believe; It just a quest in your life; Time is passing by me, it's hard to take; Oh it's so painful; It's stirring up ...

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9. The Wings Of Forever

Holding on; Somewhere we are flying to go; Strange road; We are not afraid of any world; The dream we ever own; It is the light of forever; Face the world without fear; My heart will be burning foreve...

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10. We Are The Warriors

In the maze; Maybe we've got lost; But we are not afraid; In the cave; Maybe it's too dark to see; Will the light be somewhere; We should know; Venturing into a new land; We need to be brave; We are s...

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