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1. Always Lonely

The fall wonted his wings; Aureole drowned in mass; Much time has passed to understand it; He found his triumph in humiliation; Glory in pain, pleasure in tortures; Then he bounced off the mud; And fl...

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2. Awakening

Voices pierces the nasty space; Hiss of flames that reached the sky; Wild cacophony from half-open gates; Symphony performed by the hellish might; Mad overcure of infernal blaze; Screams of fire flow ...

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3. Broken Seals

Broken Seals; The world in fire of broken seals; Fulfilled prophecy; Last hours of day before the massacre; Feed the eyes of madmen; The sun is black again; Death eagerly comes when invoked; The earth...

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4. Fallen Angel

Dark day shook the foundations of Earth; Bloody shade covered the tormented souls; Blood entwined all the crossed blades; Where black angel crushed his foes; The cold wind assails dead wings; The moon...

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5. Flaming Sword

Flaming storms; Gloomy clouds; Fury of the furies; Now its time to fight; To wreck the temples of lies; To burn the churches; To break the cross; To crash the () christ; Shadow is seven; Shadow of the...

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6. Heaven Torn Apart

Heaven torn apart; Fire rains the blackened sky; Hatred grows scream of evil runs; Time of ravage comes; Seals are broken; Fallen spirits wake up from sleep; Gates are opened; Demons rise their swords...

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7. Holy Death

You wielded cross in one hand; And sword in the other; With a praise to God; You slaughtered the innocent; Their holy death is now turning against you; Innocent blood can not be washed off; You will n...

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8. Power From Hell (glory Of Lucifer)

Born of fire; Dressed in wind; Bringing pure light; Free, over the stars; He is every breath of me; Divine inspiration, meaning of life; His glare heralds wisdom; I am ready to receive him; My soul th...

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9. Revenge

The mist of last breaths; We'll embrace the battlefield; The gates of hell once opened; We'll never close again; Those who stand on the right side; Will celebrate the victory; With the army of hell; H...

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10. Riding The Hellstorms

The storms of hell I ride; On the wings of night I fly; Armor shines with moonlight; Thunders cut like blades; Hordes of hell behind me; I attack with infernal rage; The walls of heaven collapse; Hail...

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11. Standing Under The Cross

Who are you? You declare yourself Son of God; Of the one who desires to be; The beginning and the end; Thus you will be first among bastards; You die? What challenge it is; When you will return; In dr...

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12. The Battlefield Act I And Ii

Evening, heaps of corpses; Pile up to the horizon; Cloudy sky rains with the blood of the victims; The fallen angel sits on the battlefield; His steel stained with blood of the blasphemers; Triumphant...

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13. The Journey

My eyes lost the flame of wrath; World beyond your world, beyond your dailyness; Where darkness dances with fire; And shadows travel endlessly alone. Surrounded in quietness; They sail off with their ...

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14. Thunder Of Revenge

Steel as a thunder; Crushes enemies heads; Angels burn, Fall dead from the sky; Neverending procession; Of murdered in the name of the cross; Fights by the side of the fallen angel; Avenge their harm;...

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15. Whispers Of The Soul

Moonlight creeps on the trees; Avalanche of feelings fall on me; Embraced in blackness I wait; To pass the gates of hell; To die and to raise from the dead; Awoke from the dream of life; Beside of His...

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