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1. Fat Guy

He's a fat guy, he thinks like an ant and smells like a pig; lies try to make him a better man; Everyday he try to be a new man... but it's all in vain; He is just a fat and funny guy; Strange being, ...

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2. Feeling What She Feels

There might be a way; To escape from this pain; I'm not sure if it'll work; But I guess it's worth; I think it starts with forgiveness; Or maybe some healing; Probably some love; But then again, it ju...

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3. Life, From Where?

"Our ship has a defect; We're falling in the center"; Mysteries wait us there; Curiosity inside our minds; We don't know where we fell; But life we want to find; We walked for days and nothing we foun...

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4. Suloh

This story happened in Suloh; A thousand years ago; There, lived a man; His name was William Franck; A scientist searching for the mysteries of life; All the doors were opened to him; Everybody suppor...

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