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1. Girl Power

Girl Power... ; I Don't Wanna Be A Boy, I Wanna Be A Girl! I Wanna Do Things; That'll Make Ya Hair Curl! I Wanna Play With Knives! I Wanna Play With Guns! I Wanna Smash The Place; Up Just For Fun! Cho...

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2. I Don't Wanna Be Alone

Now listen to the story I´m givin´; Not about this motherfuckin´ world we live in; Just a fairytale 'bout you and me; We used to grow up together; All the things we shared seemed like ending never; bu...

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3. Lovedoll

She is the one that you meet; Once in a lifetime, she´s so fine; She is the only one who ever understands; Sweet little baby please keep on movin´; Your looks tell me always the same; The way you do m...

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