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1. A Letter For Andrew

I feel I have something to say; But my tongue is tied today; All the birds are singing in their glory; I hear no cars upon the road; No ready, set, before the go; Just the butterflies around my head; ...

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2. Birds On Wires

It's all go but I'm just waiting here; Feet in stone for what feels like a year; Pull me out of this endless state of still; I'm a ghost caught in every winter chill; If I become someone; On the outsi...

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3. For Real

You're a day in the park; You're the light in the dark; You're the needle and thread; When I'm undone; You're the sound of the sea; You are where I want to be; You're the road and I'm standing at the ...

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4. Go Figure

Complex and kind with a beautiful heart; The words that he said of my soul; Say you're in love, but he scorned at the thought; And told me our feelings won't go; They won't go; They won't go; Well, th...

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5. Gone For Good

You knocked on our old wooden door; But you said that you couldn't come in; Your eyes looked as dark as a hole in the night; And your smile was wearing so thin; You turned away from the door; And I gr...

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6. If You Were Mine

It's not too late; For an evergreen romance; It only takes; Something wanting from within your soul; Would you let this go? I overheard; You've been looking for a sign; Don't look too hard; You could ...

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7. Juno's Song

Into the world with innocent eyes; No burdens to bear; no reason to hide; Watch, little one; there's so much to learn; How gardens grow; and how seasons turn; Oh Bonny Girl; you've stolen our hearts; ...

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8. Quite Blue

The sun is out, the skies are blue; But there is nothing they can do; To make me smile; 'Cos today's the day you went away; You caught the boat, got on the train; It's not the same you see; And it's h...

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9. Raindrops

I broke my heart in two; And gave a half to you; I placed it in your palm; You wrapped your fingers round it; You looked into my eyes; A silent gaze that I could; Never break; But you wait until; I ca...

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10. Riddles & Rhymes

You said you loved me; But wasn't I stupid sometimes; Warm on the outside; But cold as an ice wind inside; With thoughts held so deep; Even I cannot sleep 'til I find; The root of the cause; But I'm l...

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11. Serendipity

There's a candle in the corner; Burning out as the morning comes; I don't want another day like yesterday; I need a magic mirror; An 8 ball; A whisper through the keyhole; Or best of all; Your voice t...

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12. Star Of The County Down

In Banbridge Town in the County Down; One morning last July; From a boreen green came a sweet colleen; And she smiled as she passed me by; She looked so sweet from her two bare feet; To the sheen of h...

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13. The House

When you go, wake me from my sleep; You say the fight is yours and yours alone; But you know I'm here to hold you; If you fall I'm where you are; Wait for me and see what we can be; This is the house ...

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14. The Long Night

Call me out into the night; And my feet will float on dreams; Into darkness, into salty air; I will wait upon your shore; Wait for me before you drift away; My heart is weak for you tonight; All I wan...

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15. The Time That Comes Between

In the darkened morn you left me; And you made but not a sound; Your eyes met mine so briefly; My heart it broke in two; Where'er you go come home to me; Where the fire always burns; Let it lead you b...

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16. The Upper Hand

You're running away again; What from this time my friend? You have to go; Then you have to stay; Can't you make up your mind? Make up your mind! You think you're calling all the shots; But I have to s...

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17. Topsy Turvy World

Little Robin braver than the other birds; His life story told throughout; a thousand words; But does he know the cracks; are starting to show? Nothing is quite what it seems; When you're upside-down; ...

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