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1. Deep End

Throw me in the deep end; I'm ready now to swim; The air in my lungs may not last very long but I'm in; I see you on the weekend; Dancing like a star; You've practiced your lines to convince us you're...

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2. Drop Dead

Did you come around here just to start a fight? Drop dead; I let you do what you want with my heart and I; Drop dead; And you put the poison in every word you said; Stop messing with my head; Stop pla...

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3. Falling Asleep At The Wheel

Oh, you never smoked this much before we met; Light up, light up another cigarette; I can tell you're drinking only to forget; Don't know how I got you in such a mess; How am I supposed to be your ray...

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4. Livewire

I'm getting older, you're getting older; Never in touch, we gave up on that recently; Trash the hotel room, couldn't be closer; Making a mess ain't as fun as it used to be; Life can't always be one gi...

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5. Overkill

A couple more tequilas; And I'll tell you how I'm feeling; Don't wanna kill your evening; Don't wanna be a buzz kill; If I'm coming on strong; I'm spending all my money, yeah, yeah; Going up and down ...

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6. Vanilla

Now I don't wanna be your enemy; But truly I ain't got the energy; To wait for somebody you'll never be; It never works, it never will; I need a cure for all this apathy; I'm spending way too long on ...

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