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1. Better Days

We've seen better days; Trying to fight through life; Into our hearts; They push this knife; Dying and hurt you're not here alone; If you feel like you are; Then you're so on your own; Fight through t...

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2. Calm Before The Storm

It's the calm before the storm; You can feel it getting closer; The signs are tattered and torn; Darkness fills the sky; Can you feel the rain? The water's getting deeper; Lightning strikes the ground...

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3. Circus Sideshow

Welcome to this circus sideshow; Check in, forget what you know; The only voice you'll hear is the voice of the man; You're weak you're just a part of the plan; The plan is to dominate our minds; Chai...

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4. Cut The Ties

Take a deep breathe; Scream your lungs out; Death is to me; Something that I cannot be; It's hard to see when this life is draining me; Seeing is believing; And dying isn't trying; We've tried so hard...

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5. From The Inside

Times change, people change more; Know your self and we will win this war; Too many problems, not enough solutions; You're in the equation but your nothing but nuisance; A nuisance; We're gonna change...

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6. Over From The Start

How does it feel to have crushed a heart? How does it feel to have lied from the start? I can't get past; The first day we met; I thought I was something I'd never regret; And it's heart breaking; Wha...

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7. Red Light

Go! When push come to shove; You'll keep bringing me down; The road less traveled is the pool where you drown; You're out of touch; Looking at a narrow view; I don't think you could change; Even if yo...

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8. Sit Down Shut Up

Can you see what you've done to me; Your words still in my brain; It'll never be the same; I have these feelings; That I've never shown; How did it come to this; I guess we'll never know; So I'll sit ...

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9. Someone Like You

So this is it what a wicked cold shoulder; This is it the note said we're over; This is it, you're willing to grow but right now, right now; Your heart just grows colder; As we go you told me you'd ma...

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10. The Picture

How much longer do I have to wait; To accomplish the dream that's my fate; I've so hard; To get this far; I've never feared for anything; For some reason this sticks in my brain; The path is unclear; ...

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11. Wake Up

Somewhere along my path; I got caught in a thousand traps; So long ago I smiled; The past three miles have been so rugged; Many times I look back; All I need now is what I have; Looked so deep I could...

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12. Wasted Time

All my eyes have ever seen; Was a long and empty road ahead; A fiery light; Will lead me through the darkest days and darkest nights; Destination set, I'm well on my way; No more conflicts will keep m...

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