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1. Apparition

I made a pact with the devil in my head; Sold my soul to him; So I could never feel pain again; You have no idea the toll it takes; When you're trapped inside your mind; And you've lost yourself to ha...

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2. Backbone

I'm not perfect; But neither are you; At least I had the decency; To tell you the truth; I once felt dead inside; As if the world around me; Withered to ashes and died; Now there's a piece of me; That...

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3. Blackhole

Will you follow me down the path of no return? I'll be guiding the way with a single light; As we move further from the day; And into this never-ending night; I forgot how it feels; Walking hand in ha...

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4. Caved In

I've been living in this nightmare; Am I awake, or is this just a dream? I'm running blindly through the dark; Something is chasing me; I dare not look back; Because if I do I fear for my sanity; When...

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5. Dissect Me

Can I be fixed? Or am I just a lost cause? Strap me down; Cut me open; And you'll find out what's wrong; This curse is in my blood; A wide spreading sickness; The whole world's afraid of; I swear I'm ...

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6. Don't Fall Asleep

Welcome to the rest of our lives; We've been sleeping awake; With our eyes closed tight; Drifting through time; Like we're ghosts; And searching for what's left; Is what cost us the most; This is the ...

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7. Homewrecker

Left alone; I am forced to stare at my reflection; No longer able to hide; So here's my confession; Though I fear there is nothing left to save; It's been ripped away; How can I choose; When I thought...

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