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1. Anew

When the snow starts to fall; And you're buried down beneath it all; When the light fades away; If you lose your breath and the words to say; Tides will turn, rest assured; 'Cause seasons pass, a new ...

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2. Coastline

I'm leaving home for the coastline; Some place under the sun; I feel my heart for the first time; 'Cuz now I'm moving on oh yeah; I'm moving on; And there's a place that I've dreamed of; Where I can f...

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3. Evermore

I felt it from the start; It grew inside my heart; It changed me from that day; This love I can't contain; I waited for a sign; So patient and divine; For fate was on our side; That day I came to find...

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4. Heatwave

When I was a young boy; I would dream my fire; And I would find my way; To you, each day! It's funny how it changed; From what we were those days; I told that I loved you; And you said you felt the sa...

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5. Home

T's a wide ocean; And a tight emotion; And our homes are chosen; Yet still we're all broken; It's been a while since that old town; Down by the water picking stones; From the ground; Take me home; To ...

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6. Interlude


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7. Ran Away

There was a time when I saw you; As someone that I could hold on to; I wanted to be there for you; Now we've slowly grown apart; You had the whole world handed to you; But you started to change and th...

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8. The Woods

We're all falling down; and we need a place to hide; A safe place somewhere in the woods; where we can start the fire; All we know is that would be our home; We will stay 'till the break of dawn; The ...

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9. These Memories

We found our place; On the branch of an old oak tree; Our feet would sway; To a voice in the breeze; And birds would sing; On the banks of a narrow stream; These memories will stay with me; We make ou...

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10. We Will Run

Old friend of mine; Down by the sea side; Skipping stones; We watch the changing tides; Far from home; Now we sleep in rolls; Stories told; Walkin down windy roads; The water flow; Down in the valley;...

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11. When We Were Young

We took time to see the Sun; Crossing rivers as we'd run; Chasing birds down by the lake in the mud; We would climb up in the trees; Up high among the leaves; We were wild and we were free when we wer...

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