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1. (Remember) Walking In The Sand

Seems like the other day; My baby went away; He went away 'cross the sea; It's been two years or so; Since I saw my baby go; And then this letter came for me; It said that we were through; He found so...

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2. 99

Boy I know what you're about to say; 'Cause you're gonna leave me anyway; What a pretty night alone; Please don't give me your smile I adore; 'Cause I can't touch you no more; What a cold night alone;...

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3. Body Beat

It's been so long since I've been home; (Back); I brought the betas and I'm feeling raw; Too much space where you belong; Some wet dark room; These feelings are right to be wrong! (That's the move); I...

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4. Cry

Waiting, wondering how; Love will ever want to be found; For it seems that, up until now; Love has only, let me down; Let me down; I'm so down; You never wanted to just be mine; And I saw no reason wh...

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5. Desdemona

Too much blood on my teeth today; Too much love for you anyway; Desdemona is crying on the grave; Vampires all over the place; And the day and the night; She is like a ghost roaming in the park; I clo...

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6. Looking For Real Love

I don't wanna miss you every day anymore; You did a good thing when you walked out the door; I'm gonna care for my own emotions; Some real self love and devotion; Free my heart from this notion; Free ...

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7. Milk and Honey

Every day; In the morning paper you; Look at the news of the world economic pages; It's time to laugh all alone in your room; If only you could shine through the darkness, yeah; Hey; And the day, and ...

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8. Postman

I wish I could walk by your side and; Be happy the other way; But me I've got no parachute; I wish you are like everybody; Smiling at the brand new day; But for me the night is powerful; Full moon is ...

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9. That Very Night

You are perfect boy; For my, brand new number; I have got the birds and the springtime flowers; All around; You be a charming boy; Not like, my previous one; Cos he disappeared and left me all alone; ...

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10. Tiger Balm

No tiger balm; On my lonely soul; I was so bad; To leave you for a bit of joy; You gave me stars; I leave you the storm; Never mind the distance; I am running after you; I am running after you; No med...

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11. Twice

Wait are you sure; That you know me; I try everything once; Twice if I like it; Come and forget; About the snow; You've got to let it go; You know; With a voodoo priest; I learned a new dance; Get dow...

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