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1. Americanarama

Hey Philadelphia you used to exist; As a city in the North-East where the Power used to sit; There's no more Chicago; She went down with the last of the Buffalo; Lordy,Lordy... Hey Lordy Lordy! Poor w...

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2. Do The Doot da Doot Do

JD lives on my street, stole his father's car; Drove it through the garage door; So poor now working at the corner store; Indentured to the damages, Manotick, and finishing school. ; This song makes h...

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3. Fake Drugs

Fake drugs, get yourself that stereo; Downtown, shopping like an animal; My, my, you gone and got yourself so high; Like new roommates, at first it's so agreeable; Fake drugs, creep up like the sunris...

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4. Got To Lose

Sunday morning has a broken, like a whip on my back; When we still have not spoken since the day that I left; You got to lose love if you want to find love; You got to lose. You got to lose. ; The tra...

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5. Hard Love

I trade this hard love for a sad song. I trade this sad song for a good time. I trade this good time for a hard love. And that's all. I got. For you. ; Your ring was in my pocket, either lost it or I ...

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6. Juliette

She's got house plants to keep her company; Bought her a goldfish - she named it after me. We look at old photographs of lovers come and gone; I ask her if it makes her sad she said son you've got so ...

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7. Riveside

Sunrise, lyin by the riverside down; Sippin on the last of night; Worried bout the workaday crowd; Running out of cheap wine; and the way it slows down time; My home town; Would watched the Watson's m...

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