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1. Aanvallen

Aanvallen; De eerste wedstrijd hadden we pech; Vergeet die match maar gauw; Tegen Engeland ging het weer ouderwets; Wat kregen die lui een douw; Wat zijn die beren stil, wat zijn die beren stil; Aanva...

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2. Bring Back July

I should’ve stayed awake; This could’ve made a difference; Did I even say a prayer that night? I’ve made a few mistakes; I could’ve made the effort; To try and keep the conversation light; And I’ll fe...

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3. Call It A Day

It’s hard to say goodbye when; I never got the chance; I missed the mark on where to stop, And how we just can’t stop again; And I know that this ain’t easy, But I’m giving it a shot; To carry on sinc...

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4. Genetics

Inside outside into what you say; Exhibition on display; Call it what you like; Inch by inch by what we’re up against; Make your mark don’t be content; Just put up a fight; A formula I know I can’t co...

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5. Goodnight Texas

Turn your eyes ahead; The wind against our back’s to blame; Leave your bright lights set; Cause late night roads all look the same; Medians and yellow lines; Will take us back, will kill the time; And...

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6. I'm Not Backing Down

Take another shot at me and; See what I'll turn out to be; Cause I'm not giving up; There's no such luck; I don't need a getaway, An easy out, another day; You've not got the best of me; Just wait and...

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7. Losing Jim

And I cry until I bleed; And red is all I see; Holding on, dead and gone; No miracle rehearsed; Could take away this curse; Swollen eyes, hung to dry; Lose your last hope, beginning to choke; All I ca...

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8. Name Change

I've recently been informed that Holland has changed their name to The Lonely Hearts. This page, however, will remain. I just thought you should know. =); Thanks, and keep loving Holland!

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9. One Minute To Zero

Could this be true? Could this be right for you; To second-guess yourself? You’ve made your mistakes; How long will it take? To see that you can’t do this on your own? One minute to zero and I’m layin...

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10. Photographs Tidalwaves

L.A. ends in tragedy; We’re losing face and memories; The golden state has fallen to the floor; I guess I’ve had my better days; With photographs and tidalwaves; I miss a part of what we had before; I...

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11. Shine Like Stars

Feels like there's something in the air; And I hope my head explodes; Once more whisper in my ear; Cause I won't let this go again; Frustrated, motivated, you're underneath my skin; Descending, never ...

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12. The West Coast

I guess I should have stopped; When all the lights turned red; And the radio kept playing; When the stereo was dead; I guess I should’ve known; That photographs meant more; Than what we let us tell ou...

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13. The Whole World

leave; just walk out the door; don't look back for more; don't look back for more; stay where your heart will not break; find what your looking for; find what your looking for; just hold your breath a...

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