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1. Breath In Time

Waiting for the day everything will end; Watching the years go by and keeping my faith; Will you take me, or will I stay and see? Do I deserv to know if my life has any meaning? I just want to say; If...

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2. Dead Inside

You're always by my side; How could I never see this? You were always watching all my footsteps; I won't waste my time with your hate; Choke on your own nasty words; You lost your faith in yourself; D...

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3. Drowning

I'm sinking deeper in this mud; Feels like I'm drowning and I can't escape; But I know I'm still breathing; Is there anyone listening? Is there anyone sane in this selfish world? I know I've got just ...

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4. Higher

I was lost among my thoughts; Trying to find a way to hide; I wish that I could never see; All the truth behind the lies; Is there anyone who could tell me; All the words I would like hear? And here y...

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5. Into The Light

I’m not gonna say “I’m sorry”; For the things that I have done; I don’t mind if you don’t mind; Our time is passing by; I don’t know you anymore; And there are no excuses right now; Inside your head, ...

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6. Mine

I'll waste my time; I'll be your strength; You will be my blood and my heart; I will bring you down; I will steal your soul; You will be mine; You will be mine; Why can't you see; You say you are read...

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7. Take Me Closer

How many times these thoughts won’t go away? I will break these chains today; Maybe you could help me if you just raise your hand; Help me if you raise your hand; Far beyond my dreams I saw your eyes;...

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8. The Truth

Every lie you tell; I Just can’t forget; Why is it so hard to believe you? And my thoughts go hide; In another place; Where your words can’t hurt me again; And now; When can I go home? I want to know;...

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9. Uninvited

Like anyone would be; I am flattered by your fascination with me; Like any hot blooded woman; I have simply wanted an object to crave; But you you're not allowed; You're uninvited; An unfortunate slig...

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10. Waiting For A Change

Every time that you take a breath; Are you really trying just to breathe? All the shadows that surround you; Separating you from all the rest; When the silence is finally broken; And the promises forg...

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11. What i Want

Take your foot off my neck; Take your thoughts out of my head; I’m not who you think I am; I’m so tired, I want to pretend; What I want is to feel; Feel that I can be free; What I want is to feel; Fee...

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