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1. Desert

On and on the blood will flow; Through our streets; The world has come to see the show; To feel the heat; Chorus:; Look behind the walls; Where the ghetto burns; Vanished from the womb of earth; Human...

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2. Existence Denied

Giving birth predicts death; Life's an act of constant dying; From the first to the final breath; We are surrounded by shameless lying; I slit your throat and drink your blood; I'll rip your fucking s...

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3. Face The End

Everything is grey i can see no contrasts; Some say look away but the image lasts; Alone in the crowd; Take it away from me; Permanent pain; The status to be; Million questions asked not a single answ...

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4. Goats

You can see them crawl to school; The weak and ignorance; When christianity spreads; Just like pestilence; Chorus:; Raped; Slaughtered; A pedophile priest rapes; A virginious ass; Neglected by support...

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5. Goats Part Ii

I. The Loving Father; Sleep well, my sweet child; You'll soon gonna be my bride; I'm tickling the hips from inside; And spread the lips open wide; Her eyes widen with fear; As my knob draws near; Her ...

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6. Join The Army

Hide at day, hunt at night; Find your way, seek the fight; Get your gun, shoot your father; Don't you run, never bother; Targeting enemies; No morale boundaries; Follow orders, opened cask; Violate bo...

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7. Manticore

He has risen from his grave; We thought he would never leave; Crushing armies with his giant feet; Rage wage; Hate fate; From beyond the past; Buried deep in every soul; Fanaticised nation devouring c...

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8. Metal Up Your Ass

Load up on beer and bring your friends; The time is now the waiting ends; We have shown up upon the stage; Banging heads expressing rage; Hammersmashed drumbeats mode; Overdriven heads explode; Killin...

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9. Silent Assassin

Stabbed from behind; A dirty knife; Into our lungs; I choke on blood; My life is fading; Into the unknown; Corruptious contracts; About my end; Silent Assassin; Sell our souls; To your god; Protect si...

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10. Simply Aggression

Fucked up about playing this role; You made my heart a hole; You demand: "Go to school, go to work; Be like us, be cool, you damn jerk"; Chorus:; Fuck me; Suck me; Hug me; Simply aggression; Still me;...

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11. The God Within

For all the wounds that have never healed; For all the thoughts that will not be revealed; For all your leaders you like to follow; For all your truths so fucking hollow; Rise; Fight; Fall; Fail; For ...

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12. War

Chorus:; War - All that stays; War - In my head; War - Love and grace; War - In my head; I am a liar, I am a saint; I'm wide awake, and I faint; I can't hear what you say; Just one word; Echoes in my ...

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