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1. Hit 'em Up [Part 1]

Go Hoddy; Go Hoddy [HODINEM}; Go Hoddy; Go Hoddy; Aiiyo!! First off fuck you bitch and the shit you say, Diss me but at least I don't binge ad ain't gay; You claim to be big-boned but you'll fuck up y...

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2. Releasing Anger

[Yo! Hodinem'z in tha muthafuckin' house]; When no-one's watchin' I'll fuck ya spouse; I'm quick wit my rhymes, all da fuckin' time; I fucked your bitch, cracked open your wine; I'll always be around,...

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3. Suspension

Chorus: Suspension, yeah, that's what I'm on; Been that way since the day I was born; They say I never know which way I'm going; But even now, I'm gonna keep writin' my songs! So I'm the results of a ...

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