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1. Feel Better

I've been reading journals that I wrote when I was 13; And I'm still trying to find the answers; that that kid was asking; Sometimes it feels so hopeless; that it's pointless to keep searching; But sh...

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2. Just My Instinct

Waiting on the world and I'm going insane; All for nothing; It's really hard to change my stubborn brain; It's all or nothing. That's just my instinct; I don't know what you want me to say; Are we not...

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3. Reset To Default

I am staring at the maps; Like they are highways on an atlas; And I can't fix them all; The decisions that I've made; Has led this structure to decay; And I can't reset to default; And I can't reset t...

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4. Tell Me Something I Can Do

Woke up this morning; Laid in my bed; Feels like I'm dying; So I smoke a cigarette; I said wait, tell me something I can do; Give me a reason; Something to say; Cause so far I'm thinking; It was meant...

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5. Three Years

Warm was your sweat; In the dead of december; I can see my breath; I can feel my chest moving up and down; Like the rainfall, in the heart of september; I can see the trees dying; I can feel my love w...

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