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1. Brotherhood

Lucifer lord of darkness; I summon the almighty; Virgins purity sacrificed; In your name the covents; Pure of spring; The blood that we drink; Will flourish in your veins; And enter the pits of hell; ...

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2. Bubonic Plague

speeds across the sky; Torment your body and your mind; This is it your time has come; Now you bow your head; Ashes to ashes; Dust to dust disease will be spread; Now, now, its time for you to die; Br...

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3. Cold Steel

Here I got the final blow shattering; Your brain crushing down to the ground; Can you feel the pain; Time is here for you to die; This my command; Hack off your face & rip out your heart; Body slaying...

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4. Jack The Ripper

Hidden amongst the darkest shadows; The ladies of Whitechapel; Mist surrounds cobble stone paths; The ripper is well disguised; Panting like a hungry dog; Eyes peeled wide; Razor sharp instruments pre...

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5. Lucifer's Domain

Lust to rise from the demented grave and walk the again; Thy body rots, my mind deranged in the pits of this domain; Doomed in hell, no escape death in this internal hole; Death upon death, scum upon ...

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6. Marie Antoinette

Remanded to the callous; Condemned to death; Your life is now in my hands; When dawn breaks the blade; Will fall to decapitate your head; No one will sigh for not a virgin; Will die but a decrepit wif...

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7. Satan's Crusade

Fill my mouth with Satan's sperm; The Virgin Mary cried; Abuse my body and fuck me hard; Let me burn in Hell; As I die, fuck my corpse; Orgasm in Hell I need; I pray to you o Lord o Satan; I kneel at ...

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