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1. Burn This City

Crushing the night, we are the rebel of steel; Young and lethal, we will be strong; Leather and metal are our sign; Lost in time, prepare for war; We want! loose control; Come on this is your place! B...

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2. Darkness Queen

The night begins, and you are lost; Dressed in leather, and out of control; Meet her in an alley; Under the spell, in ''the hell. ''; She can't hide be the; Darkness queen! Darkness queen! Darkness qu...

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3. Demons

Hear the panic coming; Like a terror shaking; What would you do in the other side? In the witches' night; Satan prayers invade the sky; Tales of terror want to burn; Bells of death are blasting; Demon...

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4. Evil Power

Get ready, it's the end, she's coming for you; She will teach you how to live, how to live and die; Break the chains, risk your soul, to be released; No escape, no return, it's the way to go; You'll b...

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5. Ladykiller

Red eyes shining in the night; Red blood on the floor you will find; Is the darkness woman on the loose; With the knife of truth in her hands; I'm near of the bloody street; I can see that woman killi...

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6. Looking For Action

Come on crazy, take the stages; The night is yours to reach the top; You were born to live fast; Rock the night, give me vice! You want more; More and more and you're out, of control; Fire in your hea...

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7. Night Of The Hunter

Nigh falls in the lost city. Souls begin to disclose; It's mi animal instinct. Get away, please, don't look back; My body is changing slightly. What is happening to me? The strength and power are unle...

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8. Nightmares Come True

There is someone, that follows you everywhere, in the night; A stranger that, you can't see just can hear, running fast! I'm hearing sounds from the deep; I don't know if I'm safe here; Who are you an...

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9. Punished By Speed

Evil possession is coming to attack; My heart is gonna speed up; I'm able to drive on the fast lane again; I don't feel the panic or fear; Tonight is the night, I'm going to do; Everything I couldn't ...

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10. Running Over Fire

Can you feel the fear; Pounding inside you? Never look at her eyes; Or you will be dead; It's too late to run away; The lights go down, falling again; I'm running over fire; The sign of evil shines to...

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