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1. Children Of Thorondor

The Eagles, they fly so high; Monitoring all with strong eyes; Swooping down on Middle-Earth; Mighty and wise; The Eagles fly; Friends to Gandalf; And enemies of Orcs; Upon Orthanc, Gandalf laid; By w...

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2. Land Of The Horse Lords

To the horizon of the sun we answer thy call; Our people are strong, one with our beasts; The gathering threat we shall defeat; Honor is our most valuable weapon; Warriors through war; Pride beyond pr...

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3. Lieutenant Of Barad-dûr

Long ago a man he was; Now his name forgotten; Lord of the Black Land speaks through him; Once mighty but now fallen; Hiw own name forgotten; Once one of the mighty Dunadine; Corrupted by Sauron

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4. The Morgul Lord

Once a man; Now bound by power; Mightiest of the nine; Fallen into darkness; The Morgul Lord leads the great battle; For hope of Men; Shall fail in his hour of death; Who become one and falls in death...

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