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1. Abandoned

ABANDONED, life-- easily; forgotten happiness--you sold it; your forked tongues bleed, blood; filled lungs slipped through GONE abandoned.

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2. And We Burn

And We Burn; suffocate on self-taught hate, impending fate; the funeral pyre has been lit, all-consuming; ceremonial fire has been lit + there's; one way out but our souls have been; doused...so we st...

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3. Becoming Soil

Wasting away A life spent boiled by; Fear and Death and Christian Turmoil Souls, years; Long gone form a soulless life and a withered body; rotting numb... and what remains? A decaying body; a brainwa...

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4. Carry On

Poverty stricken fingers reach to grasp hopes slipping; Through like water despair hangs drawing outsiders in for; A moment of hell but they bought their way out while the; Rest suffer turn your heads...

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5. Cavities

Stone temple statue slays peace in open ruin while tales; Of martyred heros are washed away in the yearly delta; Floods. The forgotten cracks grow & the abandoned houses; Know why the stone man stands...

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6. Chain Of Command

Who holds the gun to your head & makes you lick the boot; Of the boss who would rather kick in your fucking teeth; Than shed a tear of sympathy? We keep on licking with; Dreams of promotion & "A caree...

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7. Concrete Cage

the city skies breathe blackened death; unto what little life is left the streets; beneath it's feet scream for millions; in defeat, concrete fingers, CONCRETE CAGE.

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8. Epidemic

conquered lands; will soon forget; the human cancer; that infects

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9. Friendly Fire

Shake hands with the bastards that; we hate in agreement to fight back in their violent; cut throat game of "...But my finger was on the; Trigger first..." Fighting fire with Fire Scorched; Engulfed i...

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10. Headcount

in the dead of night they come to; STEAL your MIND they are the; beggars the wounds that never heal; with no final words of warning; cease and desist CEASE TO EXIST

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11. Headless/heartless

Huddled figures wait in shadows poised to attack. vile; Creatures shake with thoughts of profit. vultures; Swarm to the hoard. hordes that kill at the first; Taste of blood for the last ounce of pride...

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12. Internally Bleeding

we hang our heads in defeat we; have extinguished all hope we; slip our tongues we slit our; throats we hang our heads from; ropes SHIT CYCLE of self; defeat self deceiving self deceit

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13. Leash

Leash; jaws of greed shine of green salivate; forcefeed until gums bleed in slavery; bottled trapped lifeless meat; are you the leasher or the one being leashed? the procession of consumerism leads + ...

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14. Like Weeds

Their words whisper lightly into newborn virgin ears:; "Our truth is the truth. Seek no solace in finding roots"; But the shadows have foes & like weeds we will grow. Now there's a war being waged: it...

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15. Marry And Reproduce

born and bred to beak and breed; SELFISH FUCKS continue to; main continue to demolish to; lead the heard to slaughter; senseless perpetuation of the; human race in the name of TRADITION; in the name o...

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16. Monuments To Thieves

Statues built for bastards monuments to thieves who carved; The name of the white man on the backs of the trees that; Hung black bodies like ornaments monuments to thieves; Erections for your heros: t...

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17. Paranoia Secured

Do we feel safe yet? With house alarms & car alarms secured; Paranoia with killer dogs & firearms. Locks on every door.

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18. Richer

cities crumble at our feet cities; collapse in seismic !!heat!! seek; our solace in four concrete walls; what will be our comfort our; CONVENIENCE when our; concrete temples FALL

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19. Scare Tactic

Full pressure fear forced interrogation; Dealers in blood pit your friends as your foes with; threats on your free life dangle the shackles before; fear filled eyes Extracting the serum of truth and; ...

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20. Sound The Alarm

The fabric is coming apart at the seams; The gears are locking up in their well oiled machine; Sound the alarm something's gone wrong Sound the Alarm; The oil burns like fire in dry Weeds The heat; We...

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21. Stacks

Heavy with greed overweight undermined & overdone; The way we operate stacks pile higher stockpiles; Ascend & we build more walls to keep them in; Our selfish fucking miserly ways profits are maintain...

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22. Sterile Fortress

Sterile Fortress; the rich have built a fortress around the city complete with all the; "necessities" of life + now they never have to leave (aside from; that yearly vacation to florida) never have to...

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23. T Minus Zero

no way out no escape DOWN it's coming; DOWN no brakes no escape from; the mortal train of humanity; no choice but to drag our feet on; the sides of the rails RIDE this; savage BEAST to it's death

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24. The Mess

Locked Boarded up. Inside & forgotten the rotting; Remains of the assault locked. Vacant rooms houses; Lie dormant no one wants to clean up the mess; It's much easier to just board up the windows; Boa...

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25. The Unwanted Child

Forced in the unwanted despair choked up on the; Familiarity in the air bury it deep gone for good; Pulse echoes sending signals to remote stations; Deserted patience shake headache drone flow throb; ...

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26. Thieves

they built the telescope so only they could see; painted it black + white so only they could see; put it in their pockets so no one else could see.... so i use my slingshot to bury rocks; DEEP IN THEI...

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27. Unleash

Unleash; burst of anger, pent-up rage; emotions forced into an invisible cage; taught to hide what lies inside; UNLEASH!

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28. Voluntary Amputation

they dont even have to break down our doors blindfolded + gag us with; their force + install mind control; devices in our homes. WE BUY THEM ON OUR OWN.

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