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1. Haunted Castle Of Rising Solitude

In a land, far away from here, a castle stands in the mountains; I was the king of this fortress, but one day, I was killed by the holy crusaders, and for many years, My soul has been haunting the cas...

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2. Haxan (omen Of The Witches)

Welcome to our world: sorcery, Omen and damnation; The first time you meet us is the last one;; Remember: escape is to die; Hidden in the Titan Woods;; We live and pray for them; Cursed will be the on...

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3. Where Lightning Strikes Eternally

Exiled they were, Apart from the World, They chose to live a life of war, Hate and sin; They found a land, Desolate and strange, To satisfy their dark and powerful instincts; And there lightning strik...

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