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1. Crossing The Line

Lover could you stay a little longer? Stay until the birds start to cry; There? s nothing but the wind in the shadows; They? re waiting for your breath outside; I know it? s a lot to ask; It? s a lot ...

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2. Honey, Come Home

I feel the wind under my skin; Take this breath and hold it in; Close my eyes, open my mind; Still can't break, still can't cry; This space is wide and deep; But I still can't shake you off of me; I'v...

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3. Leave no Trace

Blurring days together, one sip at a time; We drove north to the woods and took a walk outside; Getting lost to free our minds; Listen to the quiet, hear the heartbeat of the pines; Let the sun kiss a...

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4. Pretending I'm In Love

They say love is just around the corner; Well I don't know if it's true; Look at me. Look at you; Look where we've been and what we've come to; We're hiding behind the lies we cling to; They say don't...

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5. Took Me a While

Follow me to the edge of the earth; We'll climb the highest cliff; We can hide away from time; From our hearts we wish; To dance at last beneath the scarlet sky; 'cause I took my time, a little bit co...

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