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1. Can't We Try

I see your face cloud over like a little girls; And your eyes have lost their shine; You whisper something softly; I'm not meant to hear; Baby tell me what's on your mind; I don't' care what people sa...

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2. In Your Eyes

I think I finally know you; I can see beyond your smile; I think that I can show you; That what we have is still worthwhile; Don´t you know that love´s just like the thread; That keeps unravelling but...

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3. Never Thought

Can I touch you? I can't believe that you are real, How did I ever find you? You are the dream that saved my life, You are the reason, I survived; Baby...I never thought that I could love someone as m...

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4. Sometimes When We Touch

You ask me if I love you; And I choke on my reply; I'd rather hurt you honestly; Than mislead you with a lie; And who am I to judge you; On what you say or do? I'm only just beginning to see the real ...

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