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1. Ever Since

I don't even have the words to say how much; I really needed that weekend away; Yes I've been picked up but won't be knocked down; I've met the most amazing people around; I've got a secret locked ins...

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2. How do You Like Me Now?

Would you like a piece of, my mind cause I would like yours; Would you care if I tried, cause I try all the time; I look around at all these faces and scream out to the crowd; I have the time to face ...

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3. La di Da

When I met you; I could bet you fifty bucks; I'd be calling you mine; It's just a matter of time; And when I met you; I swear I'd get you and noone else; And all I ever do, is think of you; ; I can se...

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4. The Last Time

So I guess life's not fair and it never will be; My reflection in the mirror is getting hazy; Picture this; Picture that; Imagine your perfect life in perfect tact; You've got everything in the palm o...

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5. Unregretable

Darling it's true; I'm in love with you; I'll write your name right next to mine; I'll carve it out on a tree like a fairy tale; that's all people want from life, Don't you agree that life would be; S...

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6. Victory

Inspire me to be a little more than I sell myself short for; maybe if I took my time; took it slow I'll be worth a little more; I'll find a thrill while clapping my hands; It's been said; it should be...

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