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1. A Bridge To Fall

Here I look at your sad face; And again and again you cry in vain; There's a source of pain behind; The reasons I can't find; I've been searching for hope in your words; Warning you to fix what's wron...

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2. Iron Mask

For years and years I've been waiting in the tower; My fighting against this stony world; Is the only way to my freedom; It's a long way to my life; Sleeping night after night; I've had constant dream...

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3. No Tears

It's time to say goodbye; I can't stay here anymore; The wind blows in my face; Revealing the horizon; I'll go away without turning back; Forgetting all the path; Don't try to say anything; 'Cos I hav...

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4. Noonday Demon

Now you ask me the reason; Of this eternal pain; Losing all that you love, All your beliefs; What is Eternity in this unreal world? Nightmares destroying your faith; What is Reality in this eternal wo...

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5. Still The Same

Bleeding hearts painted in my dreams; Death is there for the one who believes; Ashes to crows, flesh to the worms; The end is about to change my destiny; Many mistakes buried in my memory; A whole lif...

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