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1. Canary

Our space is limited; It's getting crowded; The river has dried up; The air is looking clouded; Please come back, friends; We really messed up; Please come back, friends; We say "Don't you judge how w...

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2. Cosmonaut

Last night I woke up startled from another falling; dream; It was embedded in my memory from when my fam'ly lived; in trees; And I've read a lot of books about the future of the; sun; And how my great...

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3. Dudes Incorporated

Becky's cutting letters out; for the wall next to her bed, while Ellen's reading novels. Yeah, that girl is so well read. Meanwhile, Robin's hanging out; with the poochins in the yard. And I guess it'...

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4. Freaked Flight

Birds in their nests with their mothers; Prepare for their Maiden Departure; The day to leave home is approaching; To take flight and test their new armature; We must go now; And finally heed to the C...

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5. Head Spins

When we sat on the floor; I was floored; I was floored; The words you spoke that night; They struck a chord; You struck a chord; And we talked about all kinds of things; Of dinosaurs and seagulls' win...

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6. Sandy Feet

Things got pretty dark there; It looked like we were stuck; It's hard out in the desert; When youre just a little duck; So we built ourselves a raft; And took it to the moon; Though things got kind of...

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7. Shared Islands

"Day One of film shoot; L.A. sky- white with slight blue; Palm trees; More about the anticipation of something to come than; just a nothingness or boredom"; Ooooh we could talk and talk about sitting ...

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8. Universe

It's been going on more than a week now; I can't sleep I cannot sleep; Cyclical thoughts; Can't seem to shut them off; I have tried to find a Universal Truth; But the Truth is: I'm much less than insi...

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