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1. Declaration

I’ve got is what I’ll give and even more; We walk together; Of all decisions that you’ve made; This is the one; That will last forever; I’m telling you there’s so much more; Sing it out loud, declarat...

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2. Escaping

I’m here waiting for you; I’m steady but now shaking; Escaping; I’m here waiting for you; You’ve given what’s been taken; Awaken; When my eyes meet your eyes; I’m alright just knowing that you’re here...

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3. Get By

I don’t think that I know; The reason for all of your pain; I know that you’re feeling low; Will you ever be the same? Not alone; We can still try down here; We will get by down here; Time will make t...

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4. Learn To Let Go

I’ll say what I want to say; I’ll go find a better way; Won’t throw my dreams away; If I cross the line and choose; Leaving you behind; Would you ever take me back? I’ll... ; Learn to let go, drop my ...

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5. Loss For Words

I know dark days can bruise your faith; But the menace strikes us all; Sorrow sends shockwaves; That are quick to fade; But the menace haunts us all; I’m finding I’m at a loss for words; But I’m humbl...

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6. Raise Me

I found a place; Where everything felt right until now; I’ve gone my way; But it’s tearing us apart and now; I’m feeling stranded; Save me; Raise me; Up from where I’ve fallen down; I will follow you;...

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7. Run From Yesterday

Take down those pictures in the frames; They?ve got you trapped now; Locked in a past with no escape; Unless you break out; Burn all those letters in a flame; That the tears can?t put out; You can?t a...

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8. Sweet Redeemer

I only wanna stand up, move on; Stand up and know; I’m redeemed; One last time is one more lie that I tell myself; As I’m giving in; I can feel the shame from these broken claims; God forgive me for p...

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9. Time Is Running Out (where To Start)

Far from the comfort that we’ve known to find; A heart that’s waiting, searching, fading; Are you among the hurting longing to be; Part of something more than what you’ve known? Chorus:; I’ll take you...

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10. Up Above

Once lost but now; I've found the hope; I've been without. And all this time, all I could want and more; was by my side. I never have been so sure. If it were not for grace, I would have been passed o...

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11. Wake Up

Put me in my place persuade me; Vindicate your reasons why; You lead them all away from safety; Drop the front and tell me why; You sell illusion; Confusion; Wake up see the truth; Every time you comp...

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12. What's Wrong

What’s wrong with us feeling like we do? What’s with what we know to be true? You say our ideas are wrong; We’ve been taking this too long; I cannot accept it; I will not accept that; You say we’re th...

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