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1. A Promise Of Freedom

Times were tough you said, you never thought that way; Your actions, passions; You took that gaze drom me, you never orchestrate; This place of reason, compromise my life; We can still turn back and y...

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2. A Relative Matter

So on and so on my mind is closing in, begun to begin my end; You always hated the state of things I’m in, so bathe in my suffering; Pull behind; Time is at it’s end so I might as well begin to; Save ...

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3. As This Body Betrays Me

Never. I never felt this alone. Cant stop it feels like I'm drowning; I'm drowning. Guilt that still pools in me; sink to the bottom; Take everything; and I feel nothing; why can't i self bring; mysel...

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4. Colic

Talking to myself and I’m not listening, take a breath and think; Protecting at all costs, ilusion of my faith, crackling time underfoot; You’re going nowhere; Now my time’s almost here, something sti...

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5. Deight Hour Drives (And The Reason We're Alive)

You can have your four walls and a roof, The van is home enough for all of us. Reality becomes what we believe, The way our real lives deserve to lead. ; Every time is the same as the first time, So p...

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6. Discouragement

Time passes by; Nothing's changed; These four walls where I contain; Let them talk; I know the truth; Let them laugh; I know the truth; Words heard by me; Only me; A promise made deeper than you see; ...

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7. Fallen

Bleed me dry, attempiting to pass on your innocence; Sell myself, a lifeless product tearing lifeless states of mind; Burn out my eyes; Stand alone, conscious thoughts of plotting our demise; Free our...

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8. Inspiration Is Realization

Who?s advice should we all be taking? Does anyone relate? A single voice in so called democracy is heard by no one but; myself. ; They don?t have to lie to us if we lie to ourselves. Content when we t...

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9. Lead Boots

Fell into another one of your "I don't wanna go"s again; Suck me in take me for a ride; Fell into your fucking trap; Don't wanna see your face no more; I always knew you were weak inside; I don't wann...

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10. Our Great War

We don't have a great war in our generation, Or a great depression, but we do, We have a great war of the spirit. We have a great revolution against the culture. The great depression is our lives. We ...

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11. Potential

Fermented smells and stumbling down a blurry world of your creation; I never thought you'd fall; I want to tell you that you're missing everything I know and love but; You don't care at all; Your life...

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12. Reflection

Today I'll push it to the side; Everything has gone out with the tide; You can't look me in the eyes; Burrow deep in your disguise; Force out another phony grin; Force out the pain you feel within; Pe...

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13. September

Years have gone by, feels like a lifetime; Can’t remember, the comfort of your voice has died; An image followed by feelings of frustration; Just give me something to fill this empty void inside; I tu...

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14. This Is My Rifle

I see a sea of stripes a mountain of design and it’s not right; You pay to say their way pay each and every day it’s all a lie; Walk in prosthetic shoes ten thousand dollar suit you use to ride; With ...

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15. Vengeance Theme

Countless nights awake, push until it breaks. Striving to be great so a suit can tell you:; "you're a waste of time!". Our youth is withering! Throw caution to the wind! The fight's not about the win,...

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