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1. Almost Human

My hands are stuck to your skin; Two bodies frozen from within; One glass before you're in too deep; You're almost human as you sleep; And I'm waiting for my chance to slip away; Wish I could find a r...

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2. Music Is Everything

Life can be so shady. The way some people try to bring you down. Why's it got to be so crazy? Always try to give you the run around. So I let the music just take control. Cause it rocks my body. And i...

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3. Shotgun Mouthwash

It's the beginning of the end; So you're about to go set fire to your friends; But it ain't alpha and omega; It's just Nintendo and Sega; I'm the real gone kid, here to flip your lid; I'm the stone co...

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4. The Only Way There

When I was a child, I talked like a child; And I walked with two windows wide eyes; Preoccupied of the blazing city sky; And when night time drew close; We'd lie and be held; I wouldn't lie to myself ...

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