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1. Baby Girl

Baby girl twist away; When you're talking to me; I can't breathe; Set some time aside to say; Why don't you stay; Two years later I still I feel like a child; You're the one; I know you are; (Anwser m...

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2. First Day Of Work

What if the better parts; Presenters are suffocating; Stuck between opening the; Microscopes we can’t see through them; Broken magnifying glasses; Serenade the passengers until they cry; Dancing for t...

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3. Plays Dirty For Daddy

I feel your smooth skin slightly brushed; I need your song your song your song started over; I hear the exclamation point; (Exclamation point); Your eyes are so there; (Greener); Lay back; I tried to ...

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4. The Fishermen Will Be

You fall for what these sounds bring; Like a cancer, so do I stop now? I wish I could witness a bad dream; All that forgave them; My disease is I like to I kiss her; My disease... ; You fall for what ...

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