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1. Blind Windows Stare

I have secretly dreamt; of wearing my skin; With nothing underneath; To bo consciousless and soulfired; To have no useless doubt and fear inside; Playing carefully, living in safety; Building the fort...

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2. Escape From Primitivity

Reject point-blank, so now we got some peace; In damaged structures; of the conscious maze; Inaccessable hyperrealism; Teaches to play; these primitive games; An innerworld presence, what a pleasant s...

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3. Heartbeat Seismology

Anatomical landscape, atomized; Unstable in shape, human body sized; Heart sends impulse from your tectonic depths; Playing yourself false; You forced to hold your breath; [CHORUS]; Heartbeat seismolo...

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4. Interference

Why it seems so inviting? The world of genuine values, Prominent talents and genius; "Creative Power" it's so mighty... hypothetical sin that fills you; Like salt fills the sores; You're not worth a c...

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5. Pratical Criticism

How can you call yourself a genius? Your confidence provokes my doubt. You turn my notions all inside out. Misleading pun... So miscellaneous... ; [CHORUS]; Jeer... The logic knot defies solution, The...

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6. Third Half

It seems like delusion; Haunting me every day; There is mysterious fusion; Inside me... Mind astray! Oh, I feel like pack of cards; I was made of few; Contradictory parts; [CHORUS]; First part says:; ...

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7. Tired Eyes

Walking through the streets plexus; The air smells like plethoric fantasies; Esplanades are littered with debris; Streets are filled with eclectic melodies; Looking forward, moving straight ahead; Old...

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