Hiding With Girls

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1. Cassette

Gold bringing this world onto its knees in lost gravity, Can't you see that I'm onward bound? It takes time to know if its 'sorry' we mean; When it's said; How can I say this right, When it's old and ...

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2. Hundred Percent Cotton

I thought that i would this song for you, in the way that I do; Give you something to write home about, see the way that I know? I bet you'll stay, I bet I will forget you now the time has come; Say g...

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3. It's A Girl Thing

It's about time that you gave chase on the sun for me; Between the sheets I'm on my seventh alibi; By the time you read this I'll have company; And I will walk into the trap; And I believe in ways to ...

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4. Marty Mcfly

It was the end of last year when I saw this movie with you in, It was a winter night as I recall dreamin' of the sky; But all this time she wished for something more; Than to earn a life and keep it f...

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5. The Stars Cascade

In this life my chosen heart, reaching out to you tonight... Blessed with sense of what they mean I never speak again; And the sad fact is you noticed; That I never call, never write you and I never s...

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