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1. Clouds

“I need to get away”; At least that’s what you say; You’re far too young to feel this way; I’ve fallen victim to your lips; And scars I adore; So let the dust settle; All I got are these black eyes; A...

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2. On Margins Of Old Books

Scenes flashing into fading views…; Sometimes nothing is the best news; All that’s left is nothing but this sentiment; Of cutting ties and losing touch; And I can hold my liquor; Like a fishnet that h...

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3. Reese Without Her Spoon

The sheep are dead; They stopped coming days ago; And I’m left to wonder what it’s like out there; Tonight in new jersey; And I can’t break free; The thought of all of this is getting the best of me; ...

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4. Transitions

Look at the clock and knowing it?s the wrong time; But not setting it back, what good will come of that? All that?s on my mind are leftovers in my fridge; Am I practicing for real life or is this it? ...

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