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1. A Bounded Span Of Time

A mix of light elements; Agrees with the; Observed stars. Origin of elements emerged as; Nuclear physics cosmology; [x2]; The questions; Might be answered; [x4]; The universe may expand forever; Fille...

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2. Formation Of The Universe

12 billion years ago in form; A hot sea of matter was born; Neutrons produced nuclei; Old mass, space and time died; Formation of the universe; Formation of the universe; Nuclear reactions in atmosphe...

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3. Geochemical Primates

Glaciers moved; Into lower elevations; Patterns formed; In oscillations; Clusters cooled; Decades or longer; Changes in the sun; Made warming stronger; A solar interaction; Drifting on time's fate; Ge...

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4. Hidden (unknown and Nameless)

All time, being, And entity explodes; Nothing survives; In infinity's mode; A new spot in the; Galaxy that existed; Identities shaped; And persisted; Spawned past death; During formation; Cosmic holoc...

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5. Ice Crust Of Yek

Fast exoscience; Hyper defiance; Dna blocked; Tidally locked; [repeat]; Liquid formations; Chemical constellations; Neverending; But not existing; [repeat]; Ice crust of yek; Water & light specs; Ice ...

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6. Spectral Magnitude

The absolute center; Of volumetric pressure; Mass. ratio. density; Inertia. energy. intensity [x2]; A normal rotation; Suffers contamination; Sunspot photosphere; Unipolar chromosphere; Spectrographic...

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7. Supercluster

The speed of light is; Necessary consequence; Density diminishes; Support increases; Supercluster! Supercluster! An object as massive; The source of radiation; Expansion of space calculates; The age o...

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8. Time As Eternity In The Cosmos

Numerical parameters of astronomy; Time is methodology; Unsupportable geometrics; Causes lunar motion; Eternity; Eternity; [x2]; Phenomena by proclamation; Fragmentary text; Eternity stopped the; Trig...

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