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1. A Breath Of Lunar Myths

A Breath Of Lunar Myths; Alone I wander... Swathed in lunar caress, Following the path of the dark immortal kings. A mantle of flaming ice clothes my innerself; As moonfogs descend to cover the earth;...

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2. By Slow Degree

Arriv’d To Full Maturity, It Grasps; At All Within Its Reach, O’erleaps All Bounds. At Length, Grown Old And Swell’d To Bulk Enormous, The Monster In Its Proper Bowels Breeds; Pride, Luxury, Corruptio...

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3. Die For Your Cross

Die for your cross! Into The Moonlight's Cold Embrace; As the crimson western horizon has turned to grey twilight, I rise and ascend my nighttrone. Whispering shadows crawl beneath the dark moon, Bear...

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4. Hidden Chronicles & Stellar Fires

Hidden Chronicles & Stellar Fires; Hearken! An owl that shriek'd was to give a fearfull night; whose ebon embrace enshrouds the contours of the scenery. To bring the counterfeit of death, a gruesome G...

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5. In Clairvoyant Prophanity

For a myriad ages untold I have seeked for celestial harmony, handling star-drawn forces as naught. Clothed in a web of illusive shades, mocking the nitwits I rode the superior blaze. ; The immeasurab...

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6. Introitus

Introitus; [instrumental]; Mirages Of Redemption; Inhale The System’s Perfide Emphasis…; Hallucinative Accretion Of Perverse Convulsions, Hypocrite Twists Costume Before The Naked Faces, The Charming ...

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7. Lord - I Lay My Life In Thy Hands

The end of your tribe for it shall die. Blown in time... fading in timeless time. The pale twelfth moon looms in this black-feathered night; - to him upon the wolves howl their nocturnal hymns. Being ...

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8. Magic Of The Nightskies

Magic Of The Nightskies; This is the night of the firelight. Infinite... exalted. Enthralling during this vernal equinox. Scintillating planets manifest astral secrets - untouched by the storms of tim...

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9. Man!

Man! Behold The Exquisite Discipline Of Maelstrom Chaos…; Diabolical Comedy Materialized; Indeed Thy Paradox Testimonial Beckons…; …Swallow The Syntactic Lure! Dignity's Fall; Cursed Fluctuating State...

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10. Stars Hide Your Fires!

Stars hide your fires! For no light shall behold the bloody jewel; Taken from the blackend waters of acheron, Bearing their obscure grace. ; The night is long that never finds the day. What grandiose ...

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11. To Dare The Human Flatulency

To Dare The Human Flatulency; As An Atrabilious And Suspicious Challenger Of Fate; Yet My Extinguished Interior Longing; By Far Buried By Such Infamous Mediocrity…; A Solemn Acclamation…; …Fading! A S...

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12. Who Can Edure

Who Can Edure; The Noisy Idiot Brawl, The Scurril Taunt, The Riotous Vulgarity And Drunken Midnight Abuse. Who Can Tolerate; To Prostitute With Impious Hand; To Uses Vile Capacities Inborn…; Behold Th...

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